Friday, February 29, 2008

Adventures with Money

Yesterday, I ran out for some Coke and fruit...I had to get some money at the problem. When I got the bills from the ATM, I put them into my wallet, and then zipped my wallet shut!!!! It was OK, except that one of the bills had been slightly sticking out and got the corner zipped right off of it...just a very small piece of the corner. I didn't really think too much about it, until I went into the store to pay for the Coke. When I was paying the cashier, the bill I grabbed to pay for the Coke was the one that had the torn corner!!! The cashier would not accept the bill!!!! So, I took out another one, and then paid and left the store. Well, that was really strange...I couldn't figure out what the big deal was!!!!

Next, I had to run over to the Vientnamese fruit/vegie stand that is across the street from the store. There is a very nice young guy who runs it. Well, I thought I would run an experiment and see if he would accept the bill. So, I picked out the fruit I wanted, and then grabbed that torn bill again...and this guy would not accpet it, either!!!! UGH!!!!!!!! There again, I just paid with other money and left.

Later, when my husband came home from work, I asked him about this, and he said that when a bill is damaged in any way, then it is considered of no value and is not accepted as legal tender!!!!! I don't know what the thinking is on this, or why, but this is how it is here in the Czech Republic. I showed him the bill, and he said a bank might exchange it for a new one. So, we're going to his bank this afternoon to see if they will exchange it...I'm hoping they will as this bill is worth about $12.00 USD!!!!! Anyway, it's a lesson learned, but so strange when you consider the shape some of our bills are in back home!!!!! :0) :0) :0) :0) :0)

That's all for all have a great day!!!

God bless,
Sherry :0)
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