Friday, March 7, 2008

More Money Adventures

Hi Everyone,
The money adventures continue!! I asked my Czech husband about the torn bill from last week--why was it no stores would accept it for payment? He said that when money is torn or damaged in some way, it loses its value and is not accepted as legal tender. This was very surprising to me! When you think about the condition of some of our US much of it has been written on, it is torn and then taped is sometimes very crumpled (and in need of a good ironing) might have a corner or a big hunk that has been ripped out of it...even so, the money doesn't lose it's value. It is still considered to be legal tender, and eventually, some bank will remove it and put a new bill into circulation to replace it. This is just how it works!! But not here in the Czech Republic!! If you have a damaged bill, then you must take it to the bank and hope they will accept it and exchange it for a new one!!! This is a very new concept for me.

So, it is imperative that you are kind to your money. That is, you should make sure it is properly placed in your billfold so as not to get it caught in the zipper, or crumpled up into a wad, etc... if you are wanting to use it here, in the Czech Republic, for your damaged money will not be accepted. This also goes for US Dollars, by the way! If you have US Dollars you would like to exchange for Czech Crowns, then those US Dollars had better be in great shape...or you will not be able to change them anywhere!! I learned this, firsthand, on a visit to this country a few years ago. No one would exchange my US Dollars because they were wrinkled! So, I was stuck with those dollars!

So, when visiting here, be sure to be kind to your money--both Czech and US--or else you will be stuck with it...just worthless paper to everyone here!!!

That's all for all have a great day!

God bless,
Sherry :0)
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