Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adventures in the Twilight Zone

Hi Everyone,

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel tired, and a bit out of it? I’m not talking about having a hangover after partying all night! I mean just feeling tired and a little discombobulated…or like maybe you’ve been taken to the Twilight Zone…or maybe both? Well, I had one of those days not too long ago when my husband was away on a business trip…I had a couple of twilight zone incidents in one day!!!

The very first morning after my husband left on his trip, I decided it would be nice to take a walk and stop by our local shop for a few groceries. We live in a small building of flats…and the front door is always locked. You have to have a key to get in or out. Well, I headed down to our building’s front door, put my key in the lock…only to find that the lock was jammed! My key was stuck…and the lock wouldn’t turn…nothing I did would free up the lock or my key! This normally isn’t any big problem. You just get the building manager and tell him what’s happened. But, I don’t know enough Czech, yet, to even tell the manager I’m having a problem! I didn’t know what to do! By some miracle, my key finally was loose enough to come out of the lock…and someone came downstairs…and they took care of the problem. Later, when the lock was fixed, I was able to get out for my walk! Needless to say, I have learned the Czech words to let the manager know we have problem…when the need arises!

My next adventure took place on the same day that I got my key stuck in the lock. After my walk, I decided to go ahead and work on cleaning out the fridge and letting it defrost. Usually, this isn’t such a problem, but I’ve never defrosted a fridge in my life! Back in the States, every fridge I’ve ever owned has been frost-free. You just wipe the inside out and put things back in! No problem. Well, my fridge here is definitely not frost-free…the small freezer compartment was thick with ice. Definitely time to defrost. I took everything out and turned the fridge off. So far, so good. Then I took out the shelves and the vegetable drawer and left the door open to let warm air help with defrosting the fridge….no problem. But after a little bit, I looked over and saw that there was a lake on the floor in front of the fridge! UGH!!! I ran for some towels and got the lake wiped up…then put some towels in the fridge, but then the towels got full of water, etc…I had a mess…and it finally dawned on me that I should have left the vegetable drawer in the fridge to catch the water…Duh!!!! Once I put the drawer in everything was fine…no problems. I was able to get the fridge all cleaned, dried and things put back in with no trouble….and had no more lakes to contend with!

This was one of those days when it seemed like everything was going wrong…and I was being especially discombobulated and my husband, of course, was out of town! Fortunately, the rest of the week was OK…there were no more adventures…that time, anyway…and I lived to survive the tale! And I learned a couple of things from these episodes…I need to concentrate and learn more Czech, and I have finally learned how to defrost a fridge; and maybe its just better to stay in bed, with the covers over your head if you wake up and find yourself in the Twilight Zone!

That’s all for now…you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

God bless,

Sherry :0)

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