Friday, May 16, 2008

Rites of Spring

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We are having a beautiful spring in Prague this year. The flowers are bursting out in brilliant colors; everything is so very green, and fragrant! Everyone is working on their yards and gardens and heading to the countryside on the weekends to enjoy our wonderful spring weather—these are the rites of spring for Czechs! Another of the rites of spring, here in Prague, is the Prague Spring Music Festival.

This year marks the 62nd annual Prague Spring Music Festival. It kicked off on May 12th, which is a significant date for the fest—it is the anniversary of the death of one of the Czech Republic’s most celebrated composers, Bedřich Smetana (1824-1884). Smetana’s symphonic cycle of Má Vlast (My Country) launches the festival each year. This music fest was first held under the sponsorship of Edvard Beneš (then president of Czechoslovakia) in 1946, and it is one of the biggest events of this kind in Europe. The fest features orchestras, chamber ensembles, and soloists from around the world.

My husband and I were able to watch the opening of the festival on TV and the music was beautiful. The Brno Philharmonic played Má Vlast (My Country)—it was a very moving and stirring rendition of Smetana’s symphony. I wish we had time to go to an actual concert—it would be great to hear all this wonderful music in person! Even from what we heard and saw on TV, I would highly recommend a visit to see and hear the Prague Spring Music Festival. You can find more information and this year’s program at:
They have all the information for where to buy tickets, and a program listing for each day of the fest.

That’s all for today! You all have a great day and enjoy the beautiful spring!

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