Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Helping Others in Need Around the World

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make a regular blog post today, but instead, I would like to focus on the recent disasters around the world. My heart goes out to all those in China, Myanmar, the US, and other places around the world where people are suffering from recent disasters, war and hunger. I am not in any way affiliated with any relief organization, but I would like to ask each of you to make a donation to help others who are in crisis around the world. Even if you can only donate a small amount, it will do wonders for those who are suffering great need. Donate through a reputable relief organization in your own country. We all need to work together to help those in need, for one day, we could very well be the ones facing such disasters.

Thanks for visiting—have a great day!

God bless,

Sherry :0)

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