Friday, June 6, 2008

Bubble Girl

Hi Everyone,

The past couple of weeks I’ve been having a lot of allergy trouble and this has kept me from my normal posting schedule. There’s been a lot of grass and tree pollen in the air, and some bad air days in Prague due to pollution/ozone. It was even necessary to cancel and reschedule a dentist appointment this week (for the second time!!). We decided to reschedule the dentist appointment in the fall when the pollen’s down and I can breathe a bit better again! I am still having trouble, but am hoping to get things back to normal soon!

The people at my office, in the US, call me Bubble Girl. This is because when I was still working in our main office, I had to wear a mask to protect me from all the allergens I react to! I would decorate my mask differently each day—even putting a smile on it, or using pierced earrings to decorate it—and decorating for each holiday! This made me and everyone else laugh!! They call me Bubble Girl, now, because I have to mostly live and work at home due to all my allergies. The good part about this is being able to work from home—that’s very Green these days! And it does save money, while also protecting me from allergens and keep me from getting sick! Staying at home most of the time allows me to be able to be out for extended times—hiking, to do a bit of traveling, etc. Then I have to get back to my “bubble” (home) and have time to recoup from my outings.

This kind of life is not so easy, but there are things that are much worse to have than multiple airborne and food allergies and asthma…I’m just very grateful that I can survive this way and still do the things I enjoy!

Anyway, that’s all for now…I’ll see you all next week!

Have a great day and a great weekend!

God bless,

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Eso said...

Do you use some anti-allergic medication?
I'm using using Xyzal for last 2 years (my allergologist prescribed it to me) and it's like miracle.

Sher said...

Yes, I use that same medicine you mentioned, plus many others to try to control my allergies and asthma. It is a very good medicine--my Czech allergist put me on that one when I moved here.

Thanks for your comment!