Monday, June 16, 2008

The Golf Ball Thief and a Fairytale

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Sometimes there are such funny stories in the news! You can't help but smile at the absurdness you read! Have you ever heard of a golf ball thief? I found this story "Unhappy About Useless Loot, Czech Thief Takes Up Golf" in the Prague Monitor this morning (please click on "Prague Monitor" to read the story). It is an amusing article about a guy who picked up 6,500 golf balls at a golf course in Brno--in one night! The would-be golf ball thief then tried to sell the golf balls via the Internet, Ebay, etc. It's a very amusing story--guaranteed to make you smile! I guess you could classify this as "Odd/Absurd News from the Czech Republic!"

The Czech Republic can be a place of the sometimes absurd, and also the place of fairytales, past and present. This morning, also in the Prague Monitor, is an article about a new star in the Czech Republic, Marketa Irglova (click on her name for the story) and her fairytale come true. Marketa and her partner, Irish singer Glen Hansard, became famous when they starred in the movie "Once," and wrote all the music featured on the soundtrack. "Once" is the tale of two musicians who meet in Ireland, by accident, and fall in love--it is a fairytale, but with a twist. "Once" is a great movie--I highly recommend both the movie and the soundtrack. It is exciting to see that low budget films, like this one, can still be made and find such success! And the best part is that once-in-a-while, normal, every day people, can have a fairytale come true in their lives!

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Anonymous said...


This might sound a bit strange, but I came across your blog in search for a little insight on life in the Czech Republic. I'm from the US but would love to someday live in Europe. Anyway, I thought I'd mention that Marketa and Glen will be performing in the Czech Republic in August. You can find tour dates on Glen's band's website ( I saw them at Radio City Music Hall, and it was a moving experience.

Take care!

Sher said...

HI Sam,
Thanks for stopping by and sharing that information about Marketa and Glen coming to perform in Prague! We will definitely have to check that out (no pun intended!!!)!
Sherry :0)