Friday, June 20, 2008

Health Fees Survey

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This morning, in the Prague Monitor, I read an article about a survey that had been conducted earlier this month. The survey asked respondents if they found the new regulatory medical fees to be a burden for their budgets. The results were very interesting in that 70% of the respondents said the fees were not a burden on their budgets. Over 3/4 of the doctors surveyed said they found that fees to be helpful in regulating the number of visits patients made to see them. The fees were instituted to help cut down the number of visits patients make to see their doctors. These new fees are to also help support the health care system--to help keep it solvent.

The results of the survey were quite a surprise for me! I personally don't mind paying these new fees, but there are many elderly and disabled people who do have trouble paying each time they have to visit the doctor. Even so,
the doctors seem to feel that these regulatory health fees are helping. I know that my allergist and my GP have both said that they believe the fees are a good thing. Time will tell!

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