Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big News from Prague

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick note--the big news from Prague, the past couple of days, has been the deal between the Czech government and the US that will allow the US to build and maintain an anti-missile radar base in a small village not far from Prague. Here there is a lot of controversy in the Czech Republic and surround countries about the base being placed in Europe. About 3/4s of Czechs are against this radar base, but their government wants to go ahead anyway. Also, the Polish decided to not have a US missile base on their soil. The Russians are up in arms about this and see it as a threat to them...they see this radar base as being against them. Thhe deal between the US and the Czech Republic was signed, in Prague, the day we left for Barcelona.
Sorry for this short bit of information..It will be interesting to watch how all of this plays out. You can read about this news if you visit and news sites like and and many others that cover world news.
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