Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Impressions of Home

Hi Everyone,
Today, I'm writing from my family's home in the US! The trip over was pretty good and comfortable (well, as comfortable as is possible in a full plane!), and I was very happy that the airline was able to fulfill my gluten-free meal request so well! My meals were actually better than the other passengers' in the economy section! I have made a few trips, in the past, where the airline didn't have any food for me at all...the excuses being: the meal was left at the airport, wasn't in the computer, or they fixed fish and other things that I'm also allergic to! But this time, the food was great and I could eat most everything they served! Having such good food helped me to arrive at the final stop in a fairly good condition, and my first night in the US was spent at a hotel since I got in so late Monday evening. My parents came to get me the very next morning--early! And we had a 3 hour drive back to the house.

This time, the psychological transition from the Czech Republic to the US seems to be a little bit easier than I had expected. I am still pretty discombobulated due to the culture change, the language, etc. We stopped at a super Walmart on the way home, and I experienced sensory overload in a big way! The stores back in Prague offer a lot of variety, but still not nearly the variety we are used to in the US. I have gotten used to what we have back in Prague--not having to make so many choices has become my habit, but seeing all the products at the super Walmart was very overwhelming just due to the sheer volume of choices available! When I was trying to find the things I needed, I kept walking right past them...literally not seeing them...due to the sensory overload! Dad was was a bit irritating for me! Thankfully, I didn't need too it didn't take too long and we were finished at Walmart. I am afraid staying longer would have driven me to the brink of insanity (well, I might already be there--it would have pushed me over the edge!)!!

Our family house looks about the same, except for all the new plants my parents have been busy planting! They have been busy with some improvements to the yard and inside the house...but these haven't been hard on me at all..I once lived in this house where my parents are now living...and its still feels like home, but with my Mom's adept redocrating touch, the house is looking very fine, now! My parents have brought a breath of fresh air to this is very pleasant and comfortable...peaceful and relaxing. I'm happy to be here again...thankfully, too, my Mom and Dad haven't changed too much since I last saw them...they are in pretty good health and very they have not aged at all!!

One of my daughters is here, home from university, and I can see many changes in her! They are all changes for the better...the changes that are common in early adulthood. We will be spending some time together walking, playing her Wii and talking...I'm looking forward to time together. My other daughter will come in a week or so...and then we'll all be together. My husband will be joining us, too, and also my brother! So, I will have a lot of family time on this trip! And that's OK with me! Oh, and I'm making up for lost time with Pal and Jade, too...Jade has already kissed me...and Pal was happy to see me...he's been my pal for many years...and the bond we have has not changed at all...that is also very comforting for me on coming home again.

So, for now, on my second day back home, the transition seems to be going a little bit maybe I'm making some progress, too...each trip brings more experience, and better understanding of what happens when making these transitions between my two home countries! I'm learning more about myself, and how to deal with these culture transitions...that's something that needs to happen to help me with the evolution of this new phase in my life!

Well, that's all for all have a great day!

God bless,
Sherry :0)

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Anonymous said...

Sher, I'm glad you made it safely. Enjoy your visit! -Karen