Monday, July 28, 2008

Going Home

Hi Everyone,
Today I'm off to the US to see my kids and family, and my dog, Pal! It will be great to see everyone--I've not been home for almost 6 months! Many things change in that amount of time. When you leave for that long, and then go back, you expect that all will be as you left it...everyone will be the same as when you last saw them. Psychologically, this is what you expect. So, sometimes going home after a lengthy time can bring a bit of a shock when you meet your family and friends again. It is the same for those you left behind...when they see you again, they will notice changes, too. This is the part of living away from everyone that can be challenging. Its not quite as hard when you use the webcam to visit with everyone, or when you exchange pictures back and forth. Still, there are changes that pictures can't the kids being more grown up, etc. So, I'm wondering what changes I will find when I get home...and wondering what changes everyone there will notice about me! It will be interesting, I'm sure!

Anyway, that's all for today...I'll be back on Wednesday with a regular post! You all have a great day!

God bless,
Sherry :0)

PS The picture (above) is of my dog, Pal (the Golden Retriever/Chow mix), and my folks' dog, Jade. This was taken on Pal's birthday this year--our family has birthday parties for the dogs...and's fun and we and they really enjoy it! Pal loves presents...At Christmas time, he will even open presents that aren't his! And Jade has the fastest tongue in the West!!! She loves to jump up and surprise people with a kiss! She aims for the lips, for some reason...and she's fast, let me tell you! She got my husband when we were home last...he was on guard, except for one time...she ran past him and kissed him as she went by! :0)
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Photo property of S. A. Vacik

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