Monday, July 7, 2008

Packing Chaos!

Hi Everyone,
Today is the day before we leave...and it has been a bit of chaos! That's normal the day before a trip. Our small flat has been strewn with clothes most of the day as I've been trying to decide what to pack for myself. It was very easy for my husband...he told me which shirts and pants he they are ironed and ready to go! My stuff is mostly ready, but it has sure been a process getting to that point!

Along with packing, I had a hair cut this morning! Don't ever schedule a hair cut before you leave on a trip! My appointment was scheduled before we knew I would accompany my husband on this trip to Barcelona. I could have changed it, but forget in the midst of work and other things! So, I had the hair cut this morning...and now feel a bit like a shorn sheep! My hair is difficult on a good day, but even more difficult after its cut! It will look very unruly on this trip, that's for sure!

We leave tomorrow morning, bright and early! It looks like our flight will be about two and half hours long! That's not too bad, but then we have to travel on to the hotel. It will be an adventure!

That's all today...I will try to post while we're in Barcelona! And next week, I'll have more details and pictures to share from our trip!

You all have a great day!

God bless,
Sherry :0)
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Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Sher,
It is a pleasure to be visiting your nice blog.
Best wishes from Brazil.

Sher said...

Hi Geraldo,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!
Sherry :0)