Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike--American Red Cross

Hi Everyone,
The past few days we've all been watching the progress of the latest hurricanes, tropical storms and typhoons. Right now, the one I've been watching is Hurricane Ike. I have family and friends who live in that part of the world...directly along the Gulf of Mexico, and its not easy to sit here, in Prague, knowing they will be in that huge storm! Every one of my family and friends, in that area, is very they are all evacuated, or otherwise prepared with the necessary emergency supplies! This hurricane looks like it might be as bad as the one that hit Galveston, TX back in 1900! No one has forgotten that storm and the devastation and loss of life it caused.

Today,too, there was a story online about the American Red Cross being out of money due to all of the emergencies and storms it has had to deal with this year. It is a hard time for everyone, to be sure, but I would encourage you all to donate to the American Red Cross, or other local disaster assistance organization in your part of the world. These organizations are being hit hard all over the world and need the help of everyone of us--even if you can donate a will be appreciated and be a help for someone in need.

That's all for all have a great day!

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