Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Learn Czech!

Hi Everyone,
I'm still recovering from that stomach virus. It seems to be a bad one that likes to last 2-3 weeks. My doctor, on Monday, gave me some medicine to help my stomach to calm down, which seems to be helping. But I'm pretty tired and weak from not being able to eat too much. So, I'm taking things easy and resting as much as possible. Jiri and I are leaving for Dresden on Saturday, so I need to be feeling as well as possible by the weekend! In the mean time, while I'm taking it easy, I'm working on learning Czech.

My Czech language class is using the text book
Chcete Mluvit Cesky/Do You Wan to Speak Czech?, by Helena Remediosova and Elga Cechova. There is also a workbook, with the same name, and CD's with Czech spoken by native speakers (that follows the lessons in the book). I have found these to be very helpful. Everything in the book is in Czech/English, and the CD's are very easy to understand--and also very helpful in gaining a proper pronunciation! I would highly these books for the beginner--they are excellent. I wasn't able to find these on sale in the US, but here is a link where you can find more information about this series. And here is the ISBN for the text book: 80-86727-04-1. This series will teach you how to speak Czech, along with teaching basic grammar.

Another very helpful book, which I found here in the Prague, is
401 Czech Verbs, by Bruce Davies and Jana Hejdukova. This book is just what the title implies--a book that teaches you 401 Czech verbs--everything from the meaning of each verb, right down to conjugation of all tenses. They have also included a tourist survival guide to help first time visitors to the Czech Republic! Here is a website where you can find some information about this book, and the ISBN for this book is: 80-239-7260-X.

I found another book of Czech grammar:
The Course of Czech Grammar, by Dr. Marie Hadkova, and Dr. Jessica Jane Maertin, here, in a book store in Prague. This book has essential grammar for all levels of learners, with hundreds of examples to help you learn! Here is a website where you can find more information about this book, and here is the ISBN: 80-7240-351-6.

And, of course, you can't learn a language without a dictionary! One of the best I've found is the
English-Czech, Czech-English Dictionary, by Josef Fronek. This is a very comprehensive dictionary for both English and Czech. This dictionary also provides a guide to Czech pronunciation and grammatical tables. The book is available in my Czech Off the Beaten Path Store--you can find the link to my store on the right, under "Czech Off the Beaten Path Recommends." Making a purchase from my travel store would help me immensely and be very much appreciated!

All of these books are a great help in learning Czech. I am personally using each one of them and attending the Czech language class. These books are not cheap, but are definitely a very good investment when you are living in the Czech Republic long-term, as I am! Czech is not an easy language to learn, but I'm making the effort, for once you master the language, you have a voice...a Czech voice...that will open the doors of culture and society in this beautiful country!

You all have a great day!

God bless,
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