Monday, October 26, 2009

WBSD is Coming Up Fast!

Hi Everyone,
Phew, things have been very busy around here! I've definitely not been on vacation, but have been working very hard on some freelance projects that came my way. You know how it is--when it rains, it pours. Well, this is one of those times when it's pouring--but in a good way. I won't complain! Things will calm down in the next week or so as I process the work. It definitely feels good to be here with you all again!

World Blog Surf Day is only a few days away...we're counting down now...5 days till the big event! Our theme for this WBSD is "Holidays & Celebrations--what is your favorite new holiday and how is it celebrated?" I would like to mention that this topic includes holidays, but you can also write about celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, etc. Are you preparing your posts? Your posts can be in any form...written, pictorial, etc. Creativity is what World Blog Surf Day is all about! I'm working on my post...but it has a ways to go before it will be ready. Like last time, it would be great if you could have your posts go live around midnight in your time zone on Friday night. This will allow for all the posts to be "live" on Saturday morning at the same time...well, that's the theory, anyway! That worked well for our last we'll try that again this time.

For all of you new WBSD participants, I will have the link list posted here and on the WBSD site by Wednesday. That list will show who you are supposed to link to in your post. Each blogger will include a link to the next blogger in the chain--this will create a circle, so that a reader can surf from blog to blog and travel the world!

We have a bit of news for WBSD--we have an official Twitter Reporter! Karen, from Empty Nest Expat, will be our live reporter on Saturday! As a way of expressing our thanks for Karen's work, it would be great if each of your blogs would include a link to Karen's blog. Also, please include this bio for Karen in your post: Karen is an American expat writer last seen in Prague. The Wall Street Journal said, "Her blog makes a fun read for anyone looking for reassurance that change can be a wonderful thing--and also anyone interested in visiting the Czech Republic." Our Twitter Reporter will be reading each of your blog posts and Tweeting a blurb about them on Twitter!

That's all for now! If you have any questions or comments please leave them here in the comments, or drop me an email...or a Tweet!

Have a great day--looking forward to your posts on Saturday!

God bless,
Sher :0)

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Karen said...

Can't wait to read everyone's posts! This is going to be an exciting World Blog Surf Day! Is this the most participants ever? Is anyone participating for the first time? What country has the most representation?

Roz said...

I know exactly what you mean with freelance work - you either seem to have too much or none at all! That's why we can't complain when we have too much!!

I'm looking forward to WBSD - thanks for organising it again. I hope that the final preparations won't take up too much of your time. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Best wishes,


hospitalera said...

Don't worry, my post will be online in time ;-) SY

Sher said...

Hi Karen,
I can feel your excitement all the way over here! :0) I've included the answers to most of your questions in the new post--and we do have several bloggers who are participating for the first time!

Have a great day!
Sher :0)

Sher said...

Hi Roz,
Yes...we freelancers definitely can't complain when we have too much work! It's either feast or famine at times! The work's coming along OK!

It's great to hear you're looking forward to WBSD--I am, too! It should prove to be as interesting and as fun as last time!

And thanks for offering to help! I think everything's OK for now!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)

Sher said...

Hi Hospitalera,
Welcome back! It must seem strange to be back after all your wanderings!

I'm not worried...I know you're good for the post on Saturday! :0)

Have a great day,
Sher :0)