Friday, October 22, 2010

The Absurd and Funny: Life in the Twilight Zone

Hi Everyone,
Do you ever feel like you're living in the Twilight Zone?  I have this kind of experience every so often; it's a normal part of  life, isn't it?  Well, having Twilight Zone experiences has been a definite part of my life over the years.   This past week or so has been very interesting and challenging on many levels--from the weird to the funny and absurd.  

Debating with an Atheist

Last week, I was at a conference with my husband, and we were eating breakfast one morning when an acquaintance joined us.  Somehow, this person began talking about being an atheist and about some of the books they've read.  OK...that's interesting.  However, this person decided to pull me into the conversation, and wanted to debate about the issue of atheism and religion being the root of all evil in the world.  I don't want to discuss this topic here, on Czech Off the Beaten Path, but only wanted to mention it as part of my Twilight Zone week.  The conversation began nicely enough, but soon turned into a debate with me defending my own belief system. 

At the end of our debate, my atheistic debate acquaintance said he respected my views and found that I wasn't a blind believer (meaning I have not gone along with the flow--dogma--but have in fact questioned and tested the teachings of Christ on my own). From an atheist, that's a compliment! 

I should have known better than to be pulled into such a conversation in the first place.  Never discuss religion, politics, or money when attending a scientific conference and you're sitting in the middle of a a room full of scientists!  Well, I thought I had learned this lesson in the past, but evidently I didn't learn it well enough.  Hopefully this time I learned the lesson and won't have to face it again in the future!  

Elevator Craziness

This week has been full of weird experiences.  The next "Twilight Zone" experience took place when Jiri got stuck in our building's elevator.  This happens from time to time with all elevators.  They one day decide to act up and stop in between floors for no apparent reason.  Then the repairman comes and rescues those who are stuck and Life goes on.  Jiri was stuck in our elevator one morning as he was leaving for work.  Thankfully he was stuck in a spot where his cell phone would work, and he was able to call me.  Jiri also called the elevator company and they said they would send someone right over.  No problem, except we gave the elevator repairman the wrong address!  We had given him the address for a neighboring building, rather than our own building. 

It was very early in the morning when a brain isn't wanting to have to deal with these kinds of issues.  When Jiri told me the repairman was on the way, I watched for him and was able to catch the guy's attention, so he did come to the right building.  The repairman found where the elevator was stuck and let my husband out.  After looking at the elevator's mechanism, he said it was full of dust from when the building was first constructed.  The building owners know this, but don't want to pay to have the dust removed, and so our elevator regularly gets stuck.  Evidently it's cheaper to call the repairman every time someone's stuck (almost once a month) than it is to clean the elevator shaft and mechanism.  Now, after this episode, I'm trying to avoid riding the elevator when possible, which is usually when going the downstairs.  That way, the odds of being stuck in the elevator are cut in half, and it will only happen when riding up!

The Mystery of the Missing Lab Tests

The last Twilight Zone episode for this week was with my general practitioner.  I had to have some blood tests done, and I was told the results would be in the next day, and that I should call to hear the outcome of the tests.  The next day when I called the doctor, he said the results were not in yet as there was a problem at the lab where the blood work's done.  That's not something you want to hear when you're sick.  This is the first time I've ever heard of such a problem, and wondered if this was a Czech way of saying they were running further tests, or they lost my blood, etc.  

Well, the doctor said to call the next day and the results would be in.  My full expectation was, of course, that the test results would be done and in my doctor's hand the next time I called.  

Half the Tests Found

When I called the next day, the doctor informed me he had only received half of the blood test results.  I was very surprised and wondered now what?  My doctor proceeded to tell me that the half of the results we had were normal--that was good news.  Then he told me the problem with the lab was due to the lab making a move from their old place to a new place.  I almost started laughing with relief, but also at the ridiculousness of the situation.  I've never heard of this happening before, in all my years of having blood work done.  It was a bit on the absurd side!  Anyway, now we are waiting for the next half of the blood test results, and I'm wondering what the doctor will tell me when I call next.  Will he have all of this half of the blood test results?

These were some of the most absurd moments of my Twilight Zone week.  I'm hoping this weekend will be more normal!

Have a wonderful, normal and happy weekend!

God bless,
Sher :0) 

PS I would like to add none of these episodes of Twilight Zone Life took place because I live in the Czech Republic.  Each of these happenings could have taken place anywhere in the world.  It just so happens I'm currently living in the land of the Czechs and experiencing the Twilight Zone of Life! :0)

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2 comments: said...

Hi Sher,

Yes - sometimes absurd things do happen and they often do come in threes! Hope you had a more normal weekend. We missed you on Sunday morning.
Have a good week hopefully outside of the Twilight Zone!

Sher said...

Hi Chaplain,
Yes...Life can be like that at times! But it does make for some great stories :0)

Thank you, we did have a good weekend--busy, but good. And I hope to be back at church this Sunday! :)

Have a great day,
Sher :0)