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Páter František Ferda—Clairvoyant Healer

Páter František Ferda

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Today I’m going to tell you about Páter František Ferda (March 31, 1915-July 7, 1991), a Roman Catholic priest, who was known as a clairvoyant healer in then Czechoslovkia. Páter Ferda recently came to my attention after Jiří attended a class reunion in Sušice (see map). One of Jiří’s classmates told him about an herb recommended by Ferda; an herb that would help me with the pain and spasms in my back and legs. Jiří then related to me the story of Páter Ferda and his healing abilities. 

Early Life of Páter Ferda

Páter František Ferda was born on March 31, 1915 on his family’s farm near Dražkovice , between Spálené Pořičí and Struhaře. As a child, Ferda was had a deep interest in music and nature. He graduated from the Prague Archbishop high school, and then graduated from the Theological Faculty in Prague-Bubeneč on June 29, 1939. He was an ordained priest just around the time the Nazi’s regime began. Ferda worked as a chaplain in Petrovice Sedlčany and then in Nechvalice. Along with his work as a priest, Páter Ferda studied medicinal herb and plant remedies—knowledge he would later use as part of his healing work.

Arrest and Development of Clairvoyant and Healing Abilities
While serving as a priest in Nechvalice, Páter Ferda (along with other priests) was arrested by the Communists in 1951, and then served 9 years in prison. Ferda served prison time in Ostrava, Opava, Mírové, Jáchymov (where prisoners were forced to mine uranium), Leopold, and Valdice Bory. 

It was during this time in prison that Ferda discovered his clairvoyant and healing abilities, which he believed were inherited. He put his healing abilities to work by helping his fellow prisoners with their health issues. 

Páter Ferda was released from prison on May 11, 1960. At that time, he was not allowed to resume his work as a Roman Catholic priest. Ferda spent the next 18 years working at a brewery in Plzň, after which he was allowed to again take up his duties as priest. He worked as a spiritual administrator at a retirement home for nuns in Klatovy Újezdec. 

At this time, Páter Ferda was already using his clairvoyant and healing abilities to help parishioners and others who sought his help. In 1978, he moved to Sušice, where he lived and worked until he died in 1991. Patients came from far and wide to seek Ferda’s help with their health.

Famous Healer Páter Ferda

Ferda’s healing and clairvoyant abilities were finely tuned and developed to the point where he could diagnose patients from “hundreds of kilometers away.” He was able to diagnose illness by looking in the patient’s eyes, but he could also make a diagnosis from a photograph or a letter written by the patient. After a minute or two, Páter Ferda was able to make a diagnosis, and would begin writing down the details of the illness, along with a prescription of herbal and diet remedies that would heal his patient. He would often see as many as 30 patients a day.

Páter Ferda described his healing ability is this way, “Subjectively, I feel, and also consciously I feel like I sent a beam of himself, I see it as a green beam that moves quickly, zig-zag, zig zag, it takes some time. Then suddenly stops moving and I was using the beam combined with the person for whom I have already made ​​a diagnosis and obtain the necessary information and write. Then I have a feeling of relief and joy. "

Skeptics Test Ferda’s Abilities

As Páter Ferda’s reputation spread farther, even beyond Czech borders, many in the medical community were skeptic of his clairvoyant and healing abilities. Doctors examined Ferda’s patients and came to the conclusion, after scientific studies and tests, that Ferda’s diagnosis and treatment for each patient was correct. Ferda was invited to a medical conference in Russia where his abilities were further tested; Russian doctors confirmed what others had already proven-- Páter Ferda’s abilities were real.

Ferda’s Healing Philosophy

Ferda’s healing philosophy centered on the idea that “everything inside is harmful and should be pulled out.” He believed chemicals and toxins in foods and the enviornment led to physical ailments in his patients, including cancer. Páter Ferda recognized the healing properties of plants and herbs, and recommended a diet free of dairy, fats and meat, among other things.  He also developed an anti-cancer diet, called bezbílkovinnou dietu, or the Total Cancer Cure (TPK). Ferda wrote books about his healing philosophy; today, it’s still possible to find his books of herbal and plant remedies on sale in the Czech Republic.

Páter Ferda—Healer of Body and Soul

Páter Ferda died on July 7, 1991, and was buried in Sušice. Ferda was a phenomenal diagnostician and healer, whose abilities are still remembered in the Czech Republic. I’m sure there are people still living who were healed by Páter Ferda—it would be interesting to talk with them about their healing experience. I am happy to have the privilege to share his story with you. We could all benefit from Ferda’s knowledge of natural medicines and a healthy diet. Beyond that, Ferda is an interesting combination of a holy man and clairvoyant healer who wanted nothing more than to heal people’s bodies and souls. You can find commemorative plaques honoring him in Sušice and Spálené Pořičí.

Commemorative Plaque 
in honorof Páter Ferda

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