Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home for Christmas

Hi Everyone,
My trip back to the US to be with my family for the holidays was very smooth this time. I stopped over in Minneapolis and spent the night with my grandma, and then Sunday morning we caught a flight to New Mexico--thankfully it was another very smooth flight. We had a wonderful helper at the Minneapolis airport who helped my grandma and I all the way from check-in through security. He was so patient and good with my grandma. We had to have a wheelchair as Grandma has a very hard time walking now (she's 95). This young guy was very good with Grandma in all ways. His assistance got us very smoothly through the security check and then on to the gate where our plane was waiting. When we reached New Mexico, my Dad and Beka (eldest daughter) were waiting for us. It was so great to see them and receive their hugs and give ours in return! We met the rest of the family when we got to our house. Great to be back!

I must say that each time I've come back home has been a little bit easier. The first trip back was pretty hard as I hadn't fully dealt psychologically with the idea of living overseas at that early point. Not having come to terms with living overseas, when combined with the language and culture differences, made things very difficult for me. But now, with a little more experience going back and forth, it seems I'm adapting much faster to the changes between our home in Prague and our home here in the States. This is a good feeling--a bit like an accomplishment for me. I now love living in Prague, and am able to cope with the culture/language changes more smoothly. I can "flip the switch" much faster and smoother now--this is a great relief on all levels.

Beyond the "flipping the switch" factor, it is sure great to be home and spending time with my family. I'm enjoying nature here--which I really miss living in Prague. We have deer visiting every day in the front yard. They are so pretty and fun to watch! The mountains are beautiful and covered with a thick blanket of snow. Even as I type, the sun's just making the first glimpses over the mountains into our valley. The sky is shot with clouds and golden orange rays from the sun. So beautiful! I went outside and took the pictures you see above. Just a glorious start to the day!

That's all for all have a great day!

God bless,
Sher :0)

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Roz said...

Glad to hear that you had a smooth trip. Your Grandma sounds like an amazing lady! It's good that she's still traveling at 95!

New Mexico looks so beautiful - I love the contrast of the sun and the snow. It must be wonderful to see the deer in your yard too.

Enjoy the time with your family,


Sher said...

Hi Roz,
The trip over was pretty smooth and Grandma is pretty amazing to be doing all she does at 95! :)

New Mexico is beautiful. When I first moved there I loved the mountains (in the north where we lived), but didn't appreciate the rest of the state too much. But over time it really grew on me. Now I love it there! :0)

You have a great day,
Sher :0)