Thursday, January 14, 2010

Relief for Haiti

Hi Everyone,
It's great to be back in Prague after Christmas! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family back in the States, and was able to also spend time with my dog, Pal. And then, I came back to Prague, where Jiri and I were able to celebrate New Year's together, with some of our friends. We had a fun time! Things have been busy since I got back, and I've also been fighting the usual asthma and allergies flareup. But the flare-up is now better, and I am getting back to a normal life again.

Speaking of a normal life, it was a huge shock to get up and read the news yesterday morning--it was all about the 7.0 earthquake that hit Port au Prince, Haiti. This small country is one that has suffered so much in the past few years, and now this earthquake has brought almost complete destruction to this poor island nation. The images are heartrending and unbelievable...very horrific. My heart goes out to all the Haitian people, and my prayers are going up that aid will reach them very quickly. Along with my prayers, I'm planning on making a donation to the Red Cross. It won't be a huge donation due to our current financial situation, but it will be some little bit that will help. If we each gave one dollar, think of the assistance it would bring to those in need.

There are several organizations who are taking donations online. The Red Cross has a store, on Ebay, where you can buy an item, or even just make a monetary donation using PayPal. I found a story on the Prague Monitor about several Czech NGOs who are also gathering donations for the Haitian people. Here, you can find a list of links to Czech organizations accepting donations for Haiti. There are also other places online where you can make monetary donations for Haiti earthquake relief. You can find some of these places here, on Mashable.

Well, that's all for today. I have some blog posts in "process" for the next couple of weeks. One is about a lady I met here, at Our Lady of Victory Church, and others will be about a couple of trips Jiri and I took this past Fall here in the Czech Republic.

You all have a great day!

God bless,
Sher :0)

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Orange said...

Hii, Nice blog..I quite liked the subtle look and feel of the blog. Its great to know another fellow expat blogger..Looking forward to sharing more!!

Sher said...

Hi Orangesplaash
Thanks! Will stop by your blog to also say hi!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)