Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trip Adventures!

Hi Everyone,
Things have been very busy the end of this week! We've had many family duties that have kept me from making a regular post. Today, we've been having travel adventures!

This morning, we traveled to Albuquerque to spend the night...our first flight leaves very early tomorrow morning! My Dad drove us down here, to Albuquerque, to our hotel. We have a nice, comfortable room! But, when Jiri went to make coffee, the coffee maker wouldn't work! I got down and checked the plug, to make sure it was firmly plugged into the socket, only to find that someone had cut off the plug! Why would someone do that???!!!!!! So, we went down to the service desk and told them the problem. They also thought it was very strange! But they said they would bring up a new one...which they did. When we handed the broken coffee maker to them, they shook their heads...and couldn't imagine why someone would have done that! Otherwise, our room is very nice and comfortable...and thankfully, the air conditioner is working as it was very hot here today!

The other travel adventure I'm having is trying to check in online for my flights tomorrow! I got my husband checked in online, and printed out his boarding passes. When I went to do the same for me, the screen told me that I would need to check in with an airline agent at the airport! I have called the airline and talked with an agent, and we did go to the airport (via the hotel's shuttle), but no one could tell me what the problem is and why I can't check in online and print out the boarding passes. UGH! I have tried several times to check in...and am now worried that the airline will somehow bump me off the flight! I would like to travel back with Jiri, my we're hoping it all goes well tomorrow...and we'll be on the same flights back to Prague! Well, no matter what, we'll be on the same flights...if they bump me, they will also have to bump my husband...we will be together!

Well, it's almost time for our supper...there is a restaurant not far from our hotel that we can walk to. Then we'll be up VERY early in the morning for the first leg of our trip home!

You all have a great day!

God bless,
Sherry :0)
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Anonymous said...

Sher, I hope you have a great flight! I"m so glad you had such a terrific time in New Mexico. -Karen