Friday, October 3, 2008

I Survived!

Hi Everyone,
Today I went to my very first Czech language class! It was very interesting! The teacher was about my age, and there were about 12 of us students. We students are a mix of countries--some from the Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Africa, India, and one (me) from the US! Most everyone seemed to know a little English, and of course, the teacher knew English!

Our teacher came into the class and immediately began speaking in simple Czech. Not everyone could understand, and some could understand a little...I fell into the last category! The teacher spoke fast sometimes, and sometimes slow...and she did answer some of our questions with English, though only a little word here or there. The class was mostly done in Czech!

Thankfully, my husband was able to buy the text book early, so I was able to study the first two lessons. We only covered one lesson today--the alphabet and phonetics and some vocabulary. The class lasted about 90 minutes, and it went by pretty fast. Our teacher is probably about my age, or a little bit older...and most of the students are in their 30's or so, except for one Spanish guy who's probably about my age. The teacher keeps everything pretty strictly, but does so in a humorous way. I was fully expecting some old battle axe of a teacher...but it was nice to have someone who has a sense of humor!

We did a lot of repetition and speaking (in very simple sentences) to one another...we had a few laughs! After class, at the elevator, several students had gathered and were talking...and said that the learning curve was pretty steep! I was happy not to be the only one feeling like that!

I'm very happy that I will be able to speak Czech and practice with my husband, Jiri. He is a very strict teacher...and good to practice with! So, hopefully between he and my teacher I will finally begin to speak mother-in-law will be very happy!!! Well, maybe not...once I can speak my mind...time will tell!!!

You all have a great weekend!

God bless,
Sherry :0)
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Anonymous said...

That made me laugh out loud! -Karen

Sher said...

Glad you enjoyed it! It was a bit funny to be in class like that, but enjoyable, too! I'm looking forward to my next lesson!