Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gluten Free Guide to Prague

Hi Everyone,
For the longest time I’ve intended to put together a gluten free guide for Prague. I’m very familiar with the gluten free life, as I’m allergic to gluten/wheat. I’ve been living gluten free for just over 14 years.

Czech Cuisine

Czech cuisine is not conducive to a gluten free diet. The traditional Czech diet is saturated with wonderful breads, dumplings, desserts and so much more. Many of their traditional dishes have dumplings on the side. What torture it is for those of us who are gluten free! 

Soups and sauces are also part of traditional Czech cuisine. Many dishes make use of some type of sauce, as Czechs don’t enjoy eating their meat dry. Delicious sauces are another hazard for those of us who are gluten free. 

Additional foods that may contain gluten are parký and klobasa (two types of sausages). It’s best to avoid these, as they generally use fillers that are not gluten free. I have personal experience with this one! A couple of the grocery stores do sell gluten free versions of these traditional Czech sausages.

Gluten Free Living in 2006
When I moved to the Czech Republic in 2006, it was possible to find a few gluten free products in the stores. Rice cakes were prevalent at the grocery stores, and some health food stores carried gluten free flour. However, the variety of gluten free products I had been used to back in the States didn’t exist here when I first arrived.

Current Availability of Gluten Free Products

Since then, gluten free products have become more numerous and easier to find. We still lack the variety that’s available back in the U.S., but you can find a wider variety of gluten free products in Prague these days.

Not only is there a greater variety of gluten free products in the stores, but you’ll also find restaurants that have gluten free menu items. There’s even a pizza place, with several locations in Prague that serves gluten free pasta dishes. I wish they also served gluten free pizza--but I’m happy with the pasta!

I’ve put together a list of gluten free resources on my Czech Off the Beaten Path website. This is a PDF that’s free to download--you don’t have to sign anything or leave your email, etc. It’s completely free, with no-strings attached!

While creating this list, I was saddened to find out that one of my ultimate gluten free restaurants has gone out of business--Na Zlaté Křižovacte. This place was completely gluten free and had the most wonderful food. I had my first taste of svíčková na smetaně there--including dumplings. They also served gf streudal that was heavenly. It’s too bad they had to close. You would have loved it.

Please let me know if you find additional gluten free resources in Prague and the Czech Republic. I’d like to keep this list updated for people who visit or come to live in Prague.

If you’re interested in gluten free living, be sure to check out my new blog:  Thrifty and GlutenFree. The blog’s goal is to help people live a gluten free life, while keeping the costs low. The gluten free diet is expensive, but there are ways you can hold down the costs, while enjoying healthy gluten free cooking!

Here's the link, again, to the free gluten free guide to Prague! If you don't feel comfortable downloading the guide, just send me an email with "Gluten Free Prague Guide" in the subject  line, and I'll send you a free copy!

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chaplain.cz said...

Hi Sher,

Great to see you blogging again. Is there a reason for the very small font size on this post? I need a magnifying glass to read it!

Sher said...

@Chaplain: Thanks! It's great to see you here, too!

Sorry for the small font size. There is a reason--my browser is set at 150% :0) When I wrote the post, it looked big enough. I'll fix it so it's easier for everyone to read!

Have a great day,

jason said...

Hi Sher, a couple of updates for your blog. Spar/Interspar has now been taken over by another chain so that will go out of date shortly. A couple of extra ones for you. Lo Veg has now opened and marks all gluten-free options as GF. "All Vegan" shop has opened in Sokolovska. Loving Hut restaurant chain only does Rice Noodles so is also GF. I'll be linking to you at some point in the future I think.

Sher said...

@Jason: Thanks so much for these updates and additions for the gluten free Prague guide! I'll add these and also try them out!

One question--do you know who's bought Spar/Interspar?

Have a great day!