Monday, February 24, 2014

Running Errands

Hi Everyone,
We're having some lovely weather in Praha these days, with the temperatures running into the upper 40s - lower 50s F. After church yesterday I had to run some errands and happened to have my camera along. It was the perfect day to take pictures, as the humidity was low and the sky was partly sunny.

Here are some of the photos from around downtown; the first photos are from Prague's Jewish Quarter.

I've been through the Jewish Quarter so many times, but each visit I notice something different. In the picture above, the top of the building (with the higher spire) caught my attention. This small room on top of the house looked like a place a little girl might want to play house. Her Dad thought of her as his little princess, and she was dressed in the finest clothes, with swirls of ribbons, pearl buttons and delicate lace. I can just see her playing with dolls or reading up in her little hideaway. From that small window the little girl could have had a beautiful view of Praha. Doesn't it make you want to write a story? Prague has that effect on me, though I've not begun to try my hand at writing fiction...yet.

The next pictures are taken of the Mala Strana, Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

These low resolution photos don't do justice to the original photos, but they at least give you some idea of how pretty it was yesterday.

This is a quiet time for Prague. There are a few tourists, but nothing like the swarms we get at Christmas or spring/summer/fall. It was a pretty, quiet Sunday.

That's all for today! 

Have a great day!

God bless,

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